[NaNoWriMo] Day 3 – 2138 words

After a dismal start with only 278 words in Days 1 and 2, today my wife and I buckled down and caught up on our word count goal for Day 3. For me, that means I am at 2138 words, which is not too shabby.

Of course, that means I need to explain that our word count goals are very different from those of most people doing NaNo, who would be expected to be at somewhere near 5000 words. Because we both pretty much missed the first two days, we decided to divide 50,000 words by the remaining days of the month. In addition we also have to take out all Fridays in Nov. because with preparations for Shabbat taking precedence, we rarely have time to write on Fridays during the day, and after sundown it’s Shabbat, so no writing at all. That always puts us in a bit of a disadvantage when doing NaNo, since we have to up our daily word count to make up for the days we cannot write.

This year it’s even worse, since Nov. 30 is on a Friday, which means we have to have our 50,000 words done and tallied by the NaNo website that same Friday, Nov. 30, no later than 5:12 pm, when Shabbat officially begins. Yes, we are a bit crazy to attempt this, but here we go!