Domains of Adventure: The Museum of Infamous Heroism – Now Available

The Museum of Infamous Heroism

Highmoon Media Productions is proud to present Domains of Adventure: The Museum of Infamous Heroism.

Nestled on the outskirts of a wealthy city district, this drab unassuming stone structure gives little outside indication of its contents. A bronze plaque above the double door entrance reads: “Museum of Infamous Heroism.” For over 35 years, curator Galdor Vorac has collected and preserved objects belonging to the most nefarious individuals throughout history. The museum is funded by donations from the city and from visitors. Vorac is the sole worker and proprietor and has committed all of the relics’ histories to memory. On days of pleasant weather, the human curator can be seen in the museum’s small yard giving historical lectures or answering questions about his newest acquisition.

The Museum of Infamous Heroism is a 9-page ebook detailing a drop-in location for your fantasy game. It includes a general overview of the location, and area-by-area descriptions of the museum, its contents and curator. Rules Appendixes for open rules systems can be found the product page or the HMP website.

Written by: Bret Boyd
Cartography by: Lonnie Ezell

NOW AVAILABLE from RPGnow & DriveThruRPG!

Domains of Adventure is a series of systemless products showcasing interesting and unusual locations usable in a variety of games. By focusing on the narrative element instead of the rules mechanics, fans of a variety of rules systems can all enjoy the material and find use for it. To that effect, all Domains of Adventure releases feature additional support in the form of a Rules Appendix, featuring all the rules mechanics relevant to each main release, already translating the narrative elements into ready-to-use stats for a variety of open rules systems. Visit for more info.