So I gathered all the Best Buy gift cards I got for my birthday, plus some cash I also got as a gift, and put in the difference myself, and I went to Best Buy last Friday and got myself a Nintendo Wii as a birthday gift. I was there around midday, which was good because they got less than 20 in the restock and they just would not survive the weekend.

I played with a Wii when I went to PR a few weeks back and LOVED it! The interactivity fostered by the remotes and the games was just fantastic and I felt about a video game console like I had not felt since my last system, the original Nintendo Entertainment System. What’s even cooler is that my wife also likes the Wii, and we’ve been playing together a lot, which is just great, as she is just not a gamer and normally could care less about video games. Right now we have Wii Sports and Wii Play, and we have lots of fun with those, though she has already been checking out the games for the system and calling out a few favorites (Boogie, we’re looking your way), while I have my own, of course.

It’s a very neat system, and the fact that it is welcoming enough that a self-proclaimed video game “hatah” can sit down to play and enjoy it thoroughly is a testament to the design philosophy that shaped this console. Awesome work, Nintendo. Now send those two dudes from the commercial so they can bring me a new game.

And to all the Wii haters, I will let this speak for those of us who love it.