Episode 02 – OGL/d20 Panel at Gen Con

Breaking format just a little, The Digital Front – Episode 02 brings you the OGL/d20 Panel held by Wizards of the Coast at Gen Con.

This panel was held Friday, August 17, at 6:00 pm, immediately after the closing of the Exhibit Hall, meaning a lot of publishers were either not present or arrived late. The panel, hosted by Scott Rouse and Bill Slavicek, was meant to discuss the issue of the OGL and d20 Licenses under the newly-announced 4th Edition D&D, though it was more of a townhall meeting as WotC admitted they did not have a clear idea yet and wanted to hear opinions.

The audio file is long, almost an hour and a half, but given the small amount of publishers that made it, we thought it a good idea to distribute the recording as widely as possible. Special thanks go to Zachry Ashmore of The Groovecast podcast for recording the panel as a favor to Daniel.

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