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Miracle of miracles, I actually managed to record two episodes of The Gamer Traveler today! Well, it was one and a quarter, but who’s counting. The actual episode is on Amsterdam, and instead of doing my usual segment of scripted history/travel info/gaming info, I basically rambled on while looking at a map of the city, jumping back and forth among various places I’ve visited. I think it came out very disjointed, but I’m gonna try to tighten it with editing. I just really wanted to get this episode out before Gen Con, and this was the only way to do it.

The second episode I recorded was a small special episode to be played at Gen Con. It’s kind of like Episode 0 in that it is an introduction to the show, but it is a bit better explained and references Gen Con as the place where the episode is being played. After the show I’ll release it into the feed as a curiosity.

Lastly, I just go the really bad news that Fear the Boot has been forced to withdraw as an ENnies nominee for Best Podcast on allegations of cheating/urging people to cheat. I think this is totally bogus, and I, as a voter, want to know what happened to prompt this action. I have more opinions on the matter, but it is late so I’ll save them for when I have more time and more information. Let me state, however, that I have a very sour taste in my mouth over this and I’m not happy at all.


  1. Trust me. This past 24 hours has seen me more pissed than I’ve been in a long time.

    Getting publicly accused will do that…


  2. Daniel,

    Finally listened to all the episodes of your podcast. Great job! I’m hooked now, and can’t wait to hear some more!


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