Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

I just finished placing the order for all the various marketing sundries I’ll be taking to Gen Con in a few weeks. I got business cards for The Gamer Traveler and Highmoon Media Productions (added to my cards for Destination: Earth Travel), and 100 combined Highmoon Media Productions/The Gamer Traveler standard-size postcards, and 50 combined Targum Magazine/The Gamer Traveler oversized postcards. I think those are good quanitites, given that I don’t have an actual booth and will need to carry these around to hand out at various times. I also got a small stamper with my mailing address, so that I can stamp the back of a business card (which has my PO Box) if a mailing address is needed.

The only other thing I want to get are some t-shirts. I already have a Highmoon Media Productions black t-shirt that I’m gonna take, but I’d like to get another (newer) one, plus a The Gamer Traveler shirt as well. I originally wanted embroidered polo shirts, but that will have to wait till next year. I have also been told I will likely have a custom shirt for one of the games I am *not* helping to design, so that will be awesome.

I am super excited about Gen Con, and I cannot wait for it to get here!