Wishing and Connecting

My father-in-law left today for NYC, where on Sunday, he’ll be boarding an El Al plane enroute to Israel for 10 days. I so wish I was going on that trip as well. While I have been wanting to go to Israel for a while, the moment he told us he was going it all became quite real, and as I big him goodbye yesterday, my heart ached that it wasn’t me (and my wife) going on this trip. We have to go to Israel, and soon; the simple truth is that Home beckons.

On the connecting side of things, I got an email from a high school classmate who has now moved to Miami as well. I replied to her email and we’ll see when we can meet. That would make it at least 3 permanent Miami residents from my high school class, with another 2 on their way, last I heard.

Tomorrow night, also, arrives in Miami my very good friend Andy, who is moving here with his new wife, ready to start a new life. This fills me with joy of unmeasurable kind. Andy and I were born a day apart (me Oct. 12, him Oct. 13, 1974) and we are incredibly alike in many ways; of all the friends I’ve had, he was the one who always got me the most, understandably so. We have been more or less in touch for the last 12 years, and I realize we’ll have to basically reacquaint each other with whom we are today, but it feels great to have a good friend, a true friend, come back into your life.

Now we’ll just have to get our Star Wars game back on and all will be good in the world. 😉