Back To Life, Back To Reality

Just got back a couple hours ago from our trip to St. Augustine, FL this past Memorial Day weekend. The trip was great and we both loved St. Augustine! We took quite a few pics around town, and I got to meet one of my gaming forum buddies/podcast listeners who lives in the city and works in the tourist industry there as a (get this, it’s cool) a ghost tour guide. I’ll have a full trip report and link to the photos in the coming days.

Getting back and having dinner (pizza, just horrible but oh so good) we saw in the news about the “altercations,” (as one newscast lightly put it) in Venezuela, where Dictator… err, President Hugo Chavez and his government has now taken control of all but one of the country’s TV and Radio stations, all but establishing a dictatorship of information over the airwaves, already vowing to take down Globo, the remaining private network left in Venezuela.

I hate to say this, but Cubans in Miami have been telling every Venezuelan they come across to either fight back or take off NOW; whichever choice they choose, do it now, because Chavez is nothing if a perfect student of Fidel Castro, and what is happening in Venezuela is a step-by-step copy of what Castro did in Cuba almost 50 years ago. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Venezuelans (both in and out of the country) either don’t care, or reply with a very arrogant, “That was in Cuba, that won’t happen in our country.” Of course, now they are eating their words as Chavez continues on his warpath to establishing the second dictatorship in Latin America.

I kinda wish I’d stayed in St. Augustin, on vacation, away from the real world and all this crap.