A New Game Idea

Based on something posted to the Fear the Boot forums, and something I bought then ended up writting material for as well, I have been getting strange ideas for a new Modern/Near Future campaign. I can sum it up like this:


It would be set sometime in the near future, and I forsee an Ahmoud Ahmadinejad who has risen to great power, combined Nazism with ultra-fanatical Islam and set up the Fourth Reich, whipping the masses of Arabs that are now spread all over Europe into a frenzy on his quest to create Eurabia, resucitate Hitler’s plan for Germania, and finally wipe Israel and all Jews from the map. To this end he creates an amazing military force, enhanced by the realization of one of Hitler’s wildest dream, the Mechatrooper, a 50-foot tall mechanized stormtrooper capable of taking on entire batallions by itself. By the time he unleashes hell, there are 25 mechatroopers, and more are in production every day.

He is then opposed by an Israel that not only will Never Forget, it will simply says Never Again. The US comes in as main aides, but this is one fight the Israelis and Jews are taking personal. Secular and religious Israelis come together to fight unified, and the decision is made to let loose a great number of the Secrets of the Torah: master Kabbalists train young bocherim (students) in the mystic secrets of the language of G-d, and MOSSAD creates the Scions of Masada, Orthodox spec-ops who combine military prowess with esoteric might.

It’s still very vague in my mind, but I’m still thinking about it. Obviously, this is very much NOT a PC setting and heavily influenced by own personal world view, but I still think it presents an interesting scenario for cool adventures.

We’ll see what I do with it.

The campaign idea is being discussed HERE, if you are interested.