The End of a Gaming Era: Dragon Magazine Cancelled

Just finished reading the press released issued by Paizo and Wizards of the Coast:

Paizo Publishing to Cease Publication of DRAGON and DUNGEON

I am stunned and speechless, seriously. These magazines, Dragon in particular, have been staples of the gaming industry for decades, one of the true intergenerational links the gaming community has. To know that it will be cancelled, rolled into an online delivery method, just saddens me to no end, even if I had stopped buying it a while ago (and no, low sales was not the reason behind the cancellation of the license; the mags were actually doing quite well).

I will always have fond memories of Dragon Magazine; when we couldn’t find any gaming material in Puerto Rico, an issue of Dragon Magazine was something to be treasured and protected (I have the very first issue I bought still, covered in clear contact paper), a window into the larger gaming world that existed outside our little island, our one link to the gaming community at large.

It all sounds silly, I know, but Dragon was not just a magazine, it was an institution, a rally point around which 95% of the gaming community could gather about.

DRAGON Magazine, I salute you.


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