Scion of Masada: Orthodox Jews That Kick Ass

Scion of MasadaLast Thursday I went to check as I normally do, and one of the new releases immediately called my attention due to the big Israeli flag on the cover. It was a d20 Modern Advanced Class from Skortched Urf Studios called Scion of Masada. I went to the publisher’s site, listened to the audio commentary (a very neat idea) and bought the product. It was just simply great: the class presented a special operative of Israel’s MOSSAD agency called Scion of Masada who, armed with very unique blades and esoteric Torah learning, could defend Israel against regular and supernatural enemies. On top of everything, the class demanded the character be an Orthodox Jew and stick to Halacha (Torah Law) lest he loose access to his abilites.

Dude, where do I sign up!

There were, however, some minor issues with the class where the abilities and description did not match with Halacha, so I sent an email to Skortched Urf’s Mark asking him if he’d mind me pointing these issues up. He didn’t, so I sent him a very detailed rundown of things that needed to be changed along with suggestions on how to implement those changes. Mark surprised me by asking me to write up the edits myself, and I worked hard overnight so I could send him the edited file early on Friday. My main objective was to simply change the little things that did not match Halacha to version of the same idea that did, because I though Chris A. Field’ idea was just brilliant. I think, in all modesty, that I achieved that goal, and already the updated file has been uplaoded to all the RPG e-tailers and sent out to all early buyers.

Thanks to Chris Field for writing such a cool class in the first place, and for making it be an Orthodox Jew specifically, and to Mark and Skortched Urf for publishing it. I am honored to have had a small part in the project. As an Orthodox Jew and a gamer, this product is dear to me and gives me something I can play at the table that fully allows me to bring in my heritage to bear.

In the end, I get to play an Orthodox Jew who gets to kick terrorist and supernatural ass in defense of Eretz Ysrael.