Upgrade Snafu

Last Friday, March 2, I decided to upgrade WordPress as suggested by the Fantastico self-installer my webhost offers. Even though I run a site with a modified 3rd-party theme, last time I did it, all went through just fine, so I figured it’d be the same now again.


The upgrade as handled by Fantastico was (in the words of one of Bluehost.com’s tech-support guys) brutal, and it messed up my main site (this one). It took three days of emailing back and forth with tech support for them to restore the database to a previous all-working-fine point. At first they told me they had a copy of my site from Wed. Feb 28, which would have been peachy, but when it all was finally said and done, the database was restored to early Feb. Now, that’s not a huge deal since I really hadn’t written a lot in Feb. but it was a bit annoying.

Actually, what was really annoying was that, for some reason I cannot fully understand because I am not a coder or anything like it, the server hit some new snafu with my database restore and messed up ALL my sites except for two (the two not running on any kind of database-enabled software, just pure html), so that all across my account, everything was restored to early Feb., and on some of those sites, that did mean a lot of updates; nothing that I cannot redo in a couple of dedicated hours, but still.

I gotta learn how to work with databases so I can perform these software upgrades myself and do database restores whenever needed.

Still, happy to have everything running back again.