Gen Con Fever

I’m really getting excited about the idea of going to Gen Con this year, especially now that I’ve realized (thanks for Atlas Games‘ announcement of their book, 40 Years of Gen Con) that this will be Gen Con’s 40th anniversary.

Aside from the big bash and parties that there will be, for sure, I have the release of the new edition of Changeling to look forward to, aside from whatever else crops up from now to August, plus the chance to finally meet face to face a bunch of online buddies, especially the whole podcasting family.

I’m just thinking, in Kabbalah, the number 40 signifies “a lifetime,” not necessarily as the time from birth to death, but a specific time in which a whole aspect of a life is lived. The classic example is Moses, who lived to be 120 and had 3 distinct lifetimes, each lasting 40 years: his time as Egyptian prince, his time as desert shepherd, and his time wandering the desert as leader of the Israelites. With this in mind, I wonder what will happen as Gen Con enters its second lifetime in 2008.

I’m so there this year.