NaNoWriMo Week 3/Day 15

Argh. At the start of Week 3, and mid-point of the month, I am not quite where I should or wanted to be, though truth be told, I am not horribly behind either. Right before the stroke of Midnight, I managed to crack 23K (23,182 to be precise) but only after a really hard push since the day before. Sunday and Monday were not good writing days for a variety of reasons (those Real life things that actually do take precedence over NaNo and that there’s no way to account for) with just over 1200 words between both days. I’m about 2000 words behind right now, nothing that I can’t make up either by dividing those among all the remaining days, or with a really good writing day.

At the start of Week 3 I realize I am probably rambling a little too much. Almost at the half-point of the book, I am just barely getting to the second big point in the memoir out of 6 or 7 total. I am not worried about writing too much (if anything this assures I will not run out of stuff to write before reaching 50K) but I can already tell the Editor-Me is going to have a field day with this first draft. Still, chugging along, writing, writing, writing and leaving the editing for later on. The one good thing is that I feel my memoir technique is getting a little better. It’s a different form of writing, even if it somewhat resembles fiction, and I’m learning the rules as I go along, both from practice and from a book I’m reading, Writing Your Life: Putting your Past on Paper, by Lou Willet Stanek.

Back to writing now. At least I have some new music to help me out, but that will be another post.