NaNoWriMo Day 8/Week 2

Well, we have just begun week 2 of NaNo. Week 2 is described as being tedious because you lose the steam brought by the newness of NaNo, but you aren’t so far in that quitting isn’t an option. Last year I quit in week 2, but this year I will plow on.

Today I broke 13,000 words; after a very dismal word count yesterday, I came back and wrote 2753 words during the day, putting me back on track. I can’t slack off, though.

My book has taken an interesting turn.
I knew that fiction stories took on a life of their own, characters suddenly deciding to do things other than what you intended (and if you aren’t a writer, you think that sounds ludicrous), but I though a memoir was immune to that. I was wrong, it seems. Meant to be a combination religious journey/travel memoir, it seems the religious journey has taken center stage, with the travel an addendum to explain how I changed based on those trips. I’m gonna let it continue to lead me in that direction. If I need to take out all the early part about traveling that doesn’t fit with the other theme when I go over the draft then so be it.

This is very new to me, and I’m liking it.