NaNoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 and so far so good; the words are flowing without much coaxing, and the act of writing feels organic, not forced. I was worried about that since I hadn’t written in quite a long time, but thank G-d, no problem there so far.

The hardest part for me is that I am writing a memoir, and shifting through the foggy mists of memory can distract you before you are even aware you are daydreaming and have lost 10-15 minutes recalling something that won’t be more than a couple of sentences on the page. The opposite of that is getting lost in the writing of a scene, recalling a particular memory and writing it out in excrutiating detail when just a couple of sentences would have sufficed. Now, of the two I prefer the second one, since it adds to the word count, even if I know I’ll have to revise and edit later on, but both are a danger one needs to keep in mind when writing a memoir.

The only problem with NaNo I (and my wife for that matter) have is that we are observant Jews that keep Shabbat, so Friday night to Saturday night NaNo is off-limits to us, thus our daily word count totals are slightly different than the standard 50K-divided-by-30. That means that when we need to be on top of our game even more, so we can make up the word count for the days we don’t have all day to write.

Now I gotta head home and prepare for Shabbat, though maybe I’ll have time to put down another 500 words before I have to go to prayers.