Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Expedition to Castle RavenloftWizards of the Coast just released a new, updated version of the classic and venerable D&D adventure, Ravenloft. The new version is called Expedition to Castle Ravenloft and, unlike the old 64-page adventure, the new one is a 224-page hardcover extravaganza that even has me drooling.

I played the first Ravenloft adventure back in the early 90’s, though we actually never finished it. Shortly thereafter, the Ravenloft: Realms of Terror campaign setting came out and my friends and I got it immediately. Though we would only bust it out occassionaly, it was very much loved by all of us and we have fond memories of running away from Stradh only to come face to face with Lord Soth and truly crap our pants.

I really don’t buy many Wizards of the Coast products these days, but I am getting Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Aside from the nostalgia factor, the adventure looks very cool, and like something that you could run as a one-shot or drop into a campaign pretty easily. Heck, the adventure is large enough to be its own mini-campaign! Given these days I am in the mood for Gothic horror, since I’m (still) planning a Victorian Age: Vampire game to play with my wife (yes, sweetie, we will be playing this), I am intrigued by the fact the adventure comes with notes to be played using d20 Modern and set in modern times.

All in all, good stuff. Plus, check out this map of Castle Ravenloft. It looks awesome!

Catle Ravenloft

Probably the first time I have seen a castle in a non-historical fantasy game product that actually looks like it could have existed in real life. I’m psyched!