PumpkinsWell, Halloween is almost over now and it was ok. We didn’t really do anything; I got here around 6 pm and, though I was ready to give out lots of chocolates, no trick-or-treaters came this way! Kids, it seems, don’t really go out trick-or-treating anymore, except very young kids and very early in the evening (which I completely understand). Most older kids seem to go to places that you’d never imagine, such as the supermarket and the mall. Adults, on their part, head over to South Beach and congest the streets. My wife got dressed up this morning to go to work:

A Fairy and Her Cat

My wife is, I am sure, part fairy. Just take a look how natural those ears look on her!

Fairy Eyes

Myself, I didn’t dress up. It’s been a couple of years since I got dressed up as anything, though my wife and friends continue as enthusiatic about the celebration as they can be.

Lame Motivational Poster

I’m the one in the white shirt, and I think that explains pretty well why I really haven’t done much for Halloween in the past couple of years: I don’t have a costume nor do I care enough to go and get one (actually, I do have something of a costume, my RenFaire garb, but I’ve used that to death in the last 6-7 years). I have no problem with celebrating Halloween, I just don’t really get into it as I used to back when we were in college (ah, those days).

As I said, my wife and I stayed in, watching House and handing out candy… except no one came to trick-or-treat at the house, so now we have a large shadllow bowl full of chocolates. What we did do, however, was have something completely new for dinner, Slime Soup!

Halloween 026

It’s a peas & mozarella soup blitzed in a blender, from the book Feasts by Nigella Lawson, and it certainly looks slimy and bubbly; a couple fake eyeballs floating in it would have been the ultimate garnish. It was quite tasty, too, and a recipe that I believe has now made it into our regular rotation.

Finally, not to be a complete spoilsport, I did end up putting on a very simple costume to celebrate, if only for a moment:

Halloween 021

I’m a Cereal Killer. 😉

In any case, even quiet as it was, it was a good Halloween. Somewhere in my mind I kinda wish that it was like the old days when we used to get dressed up and go to Coconut Grove or party until the wee hours. But just somewhere.