Birthday Recap

Well, I’m now 32 years and a day old, and the small party last night was really good.

Since it was a Thursday we just had a small get-together at our place. Yvette, my wife, cooked a delicious chili with cornbread topping that was devoured by all, even the baby. Aftwards, in between commercial breaks for Grey’s Anatomy, they all sang me Happy Birthday and we busted out the culinary star of the night, the scrumptious Nutella cake Yvette made from a recipe by Nigella Lawson.

OMG, what an amazing cake.  😀

We basically just hung out. My parents-in-law were there, as were our friends Josh & Chris with their two daughters, and my wife’s friend Diana, who sent work to hell to partake of yummy food. After we finished “watching” Grey’s (as much as you can watch a show with two bouncing todlers about), I opened my gifts.

My mother-in-law gave me a ticket to see Shakira in concert in Dec. My wife got one also for her birthday, so we’re all going! Josh & Chris gave me the new Star Wars DVDs with the original, unadultered, undefiled versions of the movies, which is just awesome. Then my wife completely surprised the heck out of me by giving me a 30GB iPod Video!!! It is awesome. I have an iPod Shuffle that I had been using, and that was cool, but I had been hoping for a new iPod Nano, and would have been incredibly happy with one. Instead, my wife left me speechless with the larger, cooler iPod. Now I can keep my gazillion podcasts all organized PLUS have my music with me as well.  🙂

I also got cards from my Mom, Grandparents, Aunt, Sister & Nephew, as well as email cards and good wishes from family and friends, and calls from all my family, including my brother, and my best friends in Puerto Rico. All in all, an excellent time was had, and I thank G-d for these past 32 years and ask for goodness and blessings this coming year and all the rest.

I also got to game last night, at least for a little while, before we had to put it aside. Josh and I started throwing down on a game of Anachronism, but I’ll talk about that later.