We are currently in the middle of the week of Sukkot and it’s been going great so far. This year, once again, I put up the Popup Sukkah I own and have put up for the last 4 years; I wanted to make an actual sukkah, but it just didn’t happen, a combination of procrastination, lack of time and lack of space. Maybe next year I’ll be able to finally put up an actual, constructed sukkah.

My Pop-up Sukkah

While I always say to myself that I want to go around the area and photograph all the sukkot people have put up, to this day I have never gotten around to doing it. I did take a picture of the sukkah at my synagogue:

Ohr Menachem Chabad's Sukkah

My wife and I went to eat at the sukkah at shul for the first two days of Sukkot and we had a lot of fun.

I like Sukkot! 🙂