The U.N. Is A Joke

So finally the UN makes a statement about the situation in Israel, and (surprise, surprise) it condemns Israel!

From Yahoo! News: Annan criticizes both sides in conflict

UNITED NATIONS – Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Thursday for an immediate halt to the escalating conflict between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia but said there were “serious obstacles to reaching a cease-fire.”

Annan said Hezbollah’s actions in launching rockets into Israel and abducting Israeli soldiers “hold an entire nation hostage” and set back prospects for Middle East peace.

Wow, he came up with that conclusion all by himself?

But he also condemned Israel’s “excessive use of force” and collective
punishment of the Lebanese people, saying it had triggered a humanitarian

“While Hezbollah’s actions are deplorable, and Israel has a right to defend itself, the excessive use of force is to be condemned,” he told the Security Council.

I love how everyone throws that word around, “excessive,” like this is some sort of game with established rules that dictate how much firepower one can throw down based on an attack. It’s very easy to be so high-and-mighty when you are safely tucked away in New York enjoying all the ammenities diplomats get in this country while the people in Israel are hiding for their lives. As far as the UN is concerned, Israel should just take the rocket attacks like a big boy and like it, not do anything about it. What is not excessive, is what I want to know. A ground assault of Southern Lebanon? No, that would be invading another country. Teams of Mosad agents infiltrating and doing targeted killings? No, that would be inhumane. What’s left, throwing rocks with a sling? Seriously!

Annan said mission members reported that many of the people they spoke to in the region noted that “whatever damage Israel’s operations may be doing to Hezbollah’s military capabilities, they are doing little or nothing to decrease popular support for Hezbollah in Lebanon or the region, but are doing a great deal to weaken the government of Lebanon.”

“In short, the very government which Israel wants to extend its control has itself become a hostage to the crisis and is less able than ever to deploy its forces” to southern Lebanon, which is controlled by Hezbollah, he said.

Boo-freakin-hoo, okay. The people want to rally behind a terrorist organization, hide them, protect them, support them, then they are part of that organization, period. And please, spare me the drama about the Lebanese government not being able to do anything; they weren’t doing anything to begin with, letting Hezbollah run the southern part of the country and have a political voice in their government. So much for declaring themselves a democracy. Act now, show that you have the balls to take on the cancer in your own country, and Israel will back you up so that you can erradicate these fanatics. Lebanon is as much a hostage of Hezbollah (unless they are secretly aiding them) and they either fight or by innaction share the blame.

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman told reporters immediately after Annan’s speech that there would be no cease-fire.

“We will do whatever is necessary,” he said. “We have no timeline.”

Gillerman said he was “disturbed” that Annan’s report never mentioned the word “terror” or referred to Syria and Iran, which Israel accuses of being Hezbollah’s sponsors.

Funny, no, that the UN never seems to want to recognize terrorist acts from any of these militant groups; as far the UN is concerned, Hamas and Hezbollah are just troubled teens acting out their teenage-angst bullshit.

More and more it is evident that the UN is a joke and a completely useless political entity, especially its Security Council (as far as I’m concerned, UNESCO and UNICEF are the only two branches of the UN worth keeping around). I want to see once these Islamic terrorists start dropping rockets and bombs on each of the opposing member countries how long will they just take it before retaliating. Because, please understand, it will happen; these militant fanatics will eventually go to every single free country in this planet of ours and do what they do best there. Even moderate Islamic countries like Egypt and Jordan are not safe, not for long. The sooner everyone realizes this (Chiraq, I’m looking your way), the faster we’ll be able to effectively excise this cancer that is now growing rampant and threatening to kill us all. This is a battle for civilization.