Matisyahu’s New Album

Matisyahu has a new album, Youth, coming out March 7 and I am psyched about it. This guy is, without a doubt, the best thing happening to music right now, and it’s all mind-blowing to me because the guy’s a through-and-through Chabad chassid! It’s crazy, but there he is, this Chabadnik on national TV, singing his reggae tunes about praising G-d and spreading love and Knowledge of G-d (we call it with the all-encompassing name of Torah) and everyone, Jews and non-Jews, is loving it.

Matis is my role-model for how to spread Torah to the world in a general, unobstrusive way that focuses more on the message than on the source. It is a constant goal in my mind as I work with Highmoon Media, and at the forefront especially these days as I prepare to launch a new line supporting Green Ronin’s Testament.

Everyone, check out the Matisyahu Media Player and listen to samples form the new album, Youth, as well as the video for the new studio version of “King Without a Crown.” Also check out and you can hear samples form his debut album, Shake Off the Dust…Arise! You won’t regret it.


  1. Very cool, though personally, I prefer to go ahead and order to CD straight from Even if those downloads are legal, I like to support the artist so he can continue to make great music. Thanks for the link to the blog!


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