From Wizards of the Coast:

NEWS: Colossal Red Dragon 

Sweet! I’ve been awaiting this figure for a while.

Sweet! I’ve been awaiting this figure for a while.

During development, the sculpture turned out so spectacular that we decided to really take it to the next level. The Colossal Red Dragon has more than 300 paint steps—that’s over twice what we’ve applied to any single figure—which provides unparalleled color and texture to accentuate the intricate details of the sculpture. Indeed, it has far surpassed our expectations.

Nice, very nice. But wait for it…

As a result of these developmental enhancements (believe me, we’ve pulled out
all the stops), we have reset the MSRP at $74.99.

And just like that I am not getting one. Hell, I was racking my brain trying to justify it at $50; at $75, I show up at my house with this fig, it will only be to gather my clothes so I can go move to the dingy hotel at the corner, my wife’s shoeprint firmly etched on my ass.

Come on, Wizards, it’s a toy!


  1. Back in the late 70s I read the story of an Argentine who visited New York City and returned home with hundreds of cheap lead military miniatures. He showed it to Argentine customs, but even though he had the receipt it could not convince them the figures were so cheap.

    Argentine customs assessed the figures as art objects costing hundreds of times what he actually paid, so he ended up paying more in customs dues than he did to actually buy them.

    WotC’s collossal red dragon is nowhere near a toy. It is a work of art. It is sculpture. It is to be lovingly assembled, lovingly painted, and proudly displayed where all can see it. It is the genius memetus for Dungeons & Dragons, to be treated with all the honor and veneration such spirits are due. Just as Meepo is the patron of kobolds, so this miniature is the patron of D&D.

    Buy it. Assemble it. Paint it. Mount it in a place of honor, erect a shrine about it, and encourage all who come to your house to give honor to it. You know damn while that He won’t mind, so long as you put Him first in your heart and prayers. For He knows your heart, and He has a delicious sense of humor.

    Take joy in your hobbies. Wizard’s new figure is a great way to show your joy in D&D.


  2. Funny. 🙂
    But I stick to my guns, it’s a toy, a very elaborate and probably very beautiful toy, but still a toy.

    Now, if I can find it at a really good discount, then sure, I’ll buy it and display it in a place of honor in my house where all who enter must acknowledge its awesome presence before continuing into my abode.


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