No True20 Setting Submission

I just got an email from the writer that was working on what was to be our setting submission to Green Ronin’s True20 Setting Search. The writer feels really strong that what he has right now is not strong enough for the submission, mainly due to need for more word count to further explore new concepts of this setting. I am okay with his decision as I believe it’s better to pass than submit an incomplete setting.

So right now Highmoon Media is without an entry for a possible True20 license, and there’s just not enough time for me to write up Bardic Lore as a possible setting, especially because I am not 100% sure how exactly I will end up handling the True20 engine along with the additions I want to make. I also decided long ago to keep Project Shirah as d20 Modern rather than convert it to True20.

I’m not bothered by this, I have to say. The True20 license you’d win through the setting search would only be for support of that setting, and I am more interested in publishing world-neutral supplements for the game engine. I may yet start dual-statting all our original products with True20 mechanics and let word of mouth take care of spreading that knowledge (along with a vague reference to the system). We’ll see.